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Totemsub for 2011

After more than 10 years of activity in the spearfishing area, some important changes are coming They involve mainly the reorganization of the different branches, now spacing from the traditional manufacturing of wooden spearguns to the spearfishing video production, and video housings building.......

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  1. - Does a wooden speargun need more care and mantainance if compared to a standard aluminum one? Is it more fragile?

Our project choices and the quality of the materials and of the craftsmanship we use, , make the Totemsub spearguns very long lasting and heavy-duty proof. The wood essences we use are marine grade, so that even a prolongued contact with sea water with no protection could seriously damage the wood. However, we give our spearguns a serious surface protection coating with marine epoxy and polyurethane varnish. The every day care is just a rinse with fresh water. No hurry to intervene on small scratches. once an year, we suggest all the speargun is inspected, particularly in the parts that are not usually accessible, like the trigger mech hole, or the areas around the pins and screws. We supply a complete care and maintenance kit, and we also support our customers offering a complete refurbishment of the used spearguns at a very reasonable price.

2 -  Is wood the best material for building a band powered speargun?

The material alone does not make any difference. It is only one of the many parts in the project. A reliable and effective speargun is the result of a chain of elements, each one strictly tied to all the others. Excellent and bad spearguns can be made of wood or of any other material. Totemsub gained itself its high reputation as a leader in this branch through years of esperience and serious work, resulting in solid and effective products, designed and tested with great care and built at the state-of-the-art, no compromise.

3 - How can I purchase a Totemsub product? What's the delay between order and shipping?

From out of Italy, you should contact us, in order to check if a local exclusive dealer is operating in your area. Otherwise, we can ship worldwide. The delay can vary, due to the handycraft building, and to the limited number of specimen we can produce. Usually, it is something between five and thirty days. It is possible to know the exact exstimated shipping date right ahead of the order. We always do our best, but we can not guarantee a 100% exact timing. We don't ship anything that's not perfect, so we can guarantee 100% about the product quality, and customer support.

4 – Is replacing a Dyneema wishbone a complex operation? Do I need some particular tool?

Replacing a dyneema wishbone is a really quick and easy operation, and can be accomplished with no particular tool. You can check all the procedure here.

5 - What's the difference between amber and black powerbands?

The black latex we sell shares exactly the same composition with the amber. The only difference is the color, and this do not change any of the mechanical properties. The differences that may arise between a black and an amber power band, are the same that could arise cross examining two amber or two black power bands. For its own properties, in facts, natural rubber can present slight differences even in parts coming from the same batch, and also changes in parallel with aging, temperature, use, etc.

6 - I am experiencing some problem inserting the shaft into the mech box. What's happening?

You'll want to check that the reel frame integrated trigger guard has not been bent, possibly during the trasnport on a car or a boat. When the shaft is getting engaged in the trigger mech, the trigger should be free to go all the way back towards the speargun handle, without touching the trigger guard. If the trigger guard has been bent, and gets in the way, you can bring it back to its original position by gently pushing it forward with your hand.

7 - I replaced the original Totemsub shaft with a different one. I have the impression the speargun shoots low. Is it possible?

We strongly advice to use original TOtemsub shafts. Anyway, it is very important that the barb, if single, is set on the downfacing side of the shaft. The traditional barb, set on the upper face of the shaft, will cause the speargun to shoot low. No problem with double barbed shafts, given they are adeherent to the shaft body.

8 - Can I modify the speargun rig, f.e. changing the shaft or power band diameter and lenght?

Before being added to our line, each Totemsub model is throughly studied and tested.The standard rig is the one we believe best fit for the speargun actual use range, and for its general balance. Therefore, we advice to stick to the original rig. Any change will cause in a void of warranty, and could eventually lead to damages and even personal injuries.