T85 reel

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sistema videosub FishingBuddy

complete full HD video system to shoot clips of your catches



zaino stagno BackPack

waterproof BackPack bag



Totemsub for 2011

After more than 10 years of activity in the spearfishing area, some important changes are coming They involve mainly the reorganization of the different branches, now spacing from the traditional manufacturing of wooden spearguns to the spearfishing video production, and video housings building.......

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speargun bags

Among the accessory items, Totemsub presents three different speargun bags, and one dry bag for the complete spearfishing gear.

  • Single speargun bag
  • Sport bag
  • Viaggio bag
  • Backpak dry bag


The single speargun bag can accomodate one speargun. Different sizes are available. The single speargun bag is great for those looking for a very light bag that's also easy to roll and slip into narrow spaces.


The Sport bag can contain up to five spearguns. Its frame, larger on the bottom, where reels and handle will sit, and narrow in the upper part, makes for a very stable and safe rest for the spearguns. The zip lock, running almost all lenght, makes it easier to to insert or remove the spearguns. Two large pockets on the sides can host accessories and spare parts.


The Viaggio bag is made by two layers of thick Nylon, with a shock absorbing foam layer in between. Inside of the bag, each speargun can be accomodated individually. There's a pocket with a zip lock on the inside, to accomodate small parts or spares, and a larger pocket with Velcro lock. The Viaggio bag has been designed for the transport of the spearguns, but it can contain a complete spearfishing equipment, weight belt excluded. Its generous size, and its thickness that make it impossible to roll it and slip it inside a cupboard when empty, make it a perfect bag for travelling, but less fit for everyday use.


zaino BackPackThe BackPack bag is totally waterproof, allowing for a confortable transport of the spearfishing gear, with no dripping inside the car or on the dry clothes. Ideal for who needs to walk to reach the fishing spot. On the outer side, a pocket allows a firm place for long blade fins.

Size about cm 55 x h 85 (open bag)



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