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Totemsub for 2011

After more than 10 years of activity in the spearfishing area, some important changes are coming They involve mainly the reorganization of the different branches, now spacing from the traditional manufacturing of wooden spearguns to the spearfishing video production, and video housings building.......

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All Totemsub spearguns are powered by latex bands. The diameters we use are 16mm, 17,5mm and 19mm. Three different colors are available: amber, black, and camo. All our powerbads are made from pure latex, made in the U.S.A. The "black" latex only differs from the "amber" for the color, while the composition and the mechanical properties are the same.In the "camo" option, the basic amber latex is covered by a thin black layer, that also helps protecting the underlying latex from oxygene and UV rays. This layer is painted using a particular process. Two different versions of the camo powerbands are available: black/gold and black/red.


The standard rig for all of our spearguns is a single or a couple of circular powerbands and Dyneema wishbone. We believe this choice is the best, expecially using the Totemsub pinned shafts. The load is safe and easy, even when loading more than one power band, and it is impossible to end up with a wounded hand like it can sometimes happen loading articulated wishbones on notched shafts. The Dyneema wishbone is also light, silent, cheap to replace, and it can't scratch the speargun wooden body. The articulated wishbone can be requested as a custom setting for all the single banded spearguns.

We sell both ready to use circular bands, in any diameter and lenght, and bulk latex if you want to buid your own power band.

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