T85 reel

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sistema videosub FishingBuddy

complete full HD video system to shoot clips of your catches



zaino stagno BackPack

waterproof BackPack bag



Totemsub for 2011

After more than 10 years of activity in the spearfishing area, some important changes are coming They involve mainly the reorganization of the different branches, now spacing from the traditional manufacturing of wooden spearguns to the spearfishing video production, and video housings building.......

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Care and maintenance kit

Content: Epoxy resin part A: gr 40; Epoxy resin part B: 20 gr; Polyurethane Marine varnish: 50 gr; n. 1 brush, n.1 pair of monouse gloves, abhrasive paper:, n. 1 small bag wood powder; n. 1 small bag thickening fibres.

Use instructions:

Fixing small scratches: make the part opaque using lightly some abhrasive paper, then apply one layer of the polyurethane varnish on the part.

Rebuild damaged wooden parts: always work in a well areated area! Remove the surface protection (resin and varnish) from the interested zone using sand paper. Mix two parts of part A epoxy resin with one part of part B epoxy catalyzer. Stir well for about one minute. Let rest for another minute, then apply on the area. After ten minutes, mix using the same 2:1 ratio the needed quantity of epoxy resin, add som thickening powder and wood powder, until the compound is thick and colored as wanted. After 24 hours, if necessary, flatten the area using abhrasive paper, and then apply one layer of polyurethane varnish.

Complete revarnishing: Remove the trigger mechanism and the reel. Remove the power bands. Make all the wooden body opaque using abhrasive paper. Check the parts usually hidden by the reel or the mech, and all the parts around screws or pins. Where and if necessary, remove all surface protection and proceed as above described at "rebuild damaged wooden parts". In case epoxy was used, wait at least 24 hours, then flatten using abhrasive paper, and then apply one layer of polyurethane varnish. If necessary, repeat the operaton with the varnish after 24 hours.