T85 reel

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sistema videosub FishingBuddy

complete full HD video system to shoot clips of your catches



zaino stagno BackPack

waterproof BackPack bag



Totemsub for 2011

After more than 10 years of activity in the spearfishing area, some important changes are coming They involve mainly the reorganization of the different branches, now spacing from the traditional manufacturing of wooden spearguns to the spearfishing video production, and video housings building.......

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Our spirit leads us to use only top quality building materials. Due to the highest level of quality of our products and craftmanship, we do not even consider saving on building materials. By the way, the incidence of materials on the final product price is not as relevant as the design, drawing, test, machinary settings, and specialized craftmanship.

Wooden spearguns:

all of our sparguns are built from laminated wood we build at our workshop. Each single Mahogany board is hand chosen with an eye for the regularity of its grain, its weight, and aging. After the boards are carried to our workshop, each one is accurately measured in size and weight, until its density is determined. After that, stripes are cut from the board, and then reassembled with use of top quality epoxy marine resin. This process causes more than 50% waste of selected wood, and involves a long time in craftmanship. in facts, it is necessary to mix the epoxy, apply some on each face to be epoxied. The step must be repeated after 20 minutes. Then, the wood lists can be glued together using a dedicated tool. All of this must happen in a room at controlled temperature. When the list is ready, it must be polished to remove the epoxy in eccess, then flattened and reduced to a size close to the desired one, and then again set to rest for a few months. Of course, it is far more expensive than just cutting a stripe from one board. Nonetheless, we experimented in many years of dedicated work that this is the only solution that can ensure the best dimensional stability in time, and a much higher structural resistance to grain cuts and such, as it can sometimes happen to cheaper and easier to build products..



The frames and the metal parts of our reels are built in Stainless steel. The plastic parts are high tenacity plastics, lathe machined from a solid bar.


Our shafts are made from swedish Inox Sandvik hrc 48. Barbs and pins are made in AISI 316 stainless steel. Barbs are 0,8mm thick. Pins diameter is 2,45mm.