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Totemsub for 2011

After more than 10 years of activity in the spearfishing area, some important changes are coming They involve mainly the reorganization of the different branches, now spacing from the traditional manufacturing of wooden spearguns to the spearfishing video production, and video housings building.......

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Totemsub mulinelliThe Totemsub reels are built with stainless steel frames and high tenacity plastics spool, obtained from bar using a lathe machine. The common properties are the solidity and the use effectiveness. The four models in catalogue meet every need, starting from the use on a small speargun for shallow water spearfishing up to a large and high capacity reel for hunting pelagic fish.

  • Micro
  • T80
  • T100
  • Verticale
  • T85


The Micro is a very compact reel. It's been designed to be set on spearguns dedicated to shallow water hunting. The Micro holds u pto 18 meters of 1,5mm line. Available with or without the frame-integrated trigger guard.


The T80 is an universal reel. Robust, capable of holding up to 40 meters of 1,5mm line, but still compact enough, the T80 is designed with an effective anti-tangle system. The friction is self-loosening, so there's no risk to see the speargun fade away after a large fish we could not hold. A spring loaded disk keeps the spool from giving out more line than required.


The T100 share the looks and structure of the widely diffused T80, but the spool diameter is 100mm instead of 80mm. The T100 holds up to 50 meters of 2mm line.


The "Verticale" is a very strong reel. It can hold up to 50 meters of 2mm line.



The T85 is the latest model from Totemsub. Very robust and funcional, it is built with a stailess steel frame with integrated trigger guard. The drag control knob is stainless steel two lobe, easy to operate and durable. The stainless steel construction of the control knob avoids the typical wear of the threads after long use of the plastic ones. The winding knob can be extracted, so that rewinding the line on the spool is easier. the reel has an anti tangle system made of three cilynders partially inserted in the spool.


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