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Totemsub for 2011

After more than 10 years of activity in the spearfishing area, some important changes are coming They involve mainly the reorganization of the different branches, now spacing from the traditional manufacturing of wooden spearguns to the spearfishing video production, and video housings building.......

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Spearfishing video documentaries:

In parallel with the wooden spearguns design and building, Totemsub runs a branch that's dedicated to spearfishing video learning documentaries. The care and the devotion we spend in this branch are the same we spend on our spearguns. Totemsub video documentaries containt goes well beyond the mere exhibition of a few catches. In facts, they contain interesting environmental and technical informations, useful to upgrade one's skill in spearfishing. We choose to focus on the Med sea area that's easier to reach for Italian spearfishermen, like Sardinia, Sicily, Corse, or other familiar spots, istead of describing far off paradises, or place the action at a depth range that can't be reached by average spearfishermen. This way, we can suggest technical/tactical tips that can be really useful to our customers. Each video documentary is directed with great care, from the text writing to te final editing. The quality of our images has been constantly improved, together with that of our shooting and editing skill, and our technical equipment has been up-to-dated to High Definition video, which is our standard now. Years ago, we also started using sophisticated 3d animations, in order to better explain the containt of our videos.

  • The seasons of
  • Spearfishing within
    15 meters of depth
  • Spearfishing
    the "grotto"
  • Coming soon:
    Spearfishing within 15 meters of depth 2

Discover how the flowing of seasons influences submarine life through wonderful live action spearfishing images, shot by a freediver cameraman following the spearfisherman and a second angle from a hand held underwater camera. Sophisticated 3d animations help to understand batter what happens when the water gets warmer or colder. Find what technique is best for the particular seasonal conditions

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A video learning tutoria, offering tips and tricks to achieve the best results from this depth range, rich with life but very difficult to approach. Digital images, shot within 15mts of depth show how, using the proper skills, it's not necessary to dive very deep to bring home some wonderful fish.


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The "Grotto", is a particular kind of sea bottom, largely present in many Italian regions. In this video, fabrizio D'Agnano tells his own way to hunt this peculiar sea bottom he is very familiar with. Besides hunting technique tips and tricks, many informations on the particular formation of this kind of sea bottom


DVD or VHS, 55' Language: Italian

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"Spearfishing within 15 meters of depth 2" in the natural following of the former video "spearfishing within 15 meters of depth", that was a big success and an absolute best seller. Tactical/strategical tipo are added to the in depth explanation of technical matters, in order to help us to understand better the sea spot where we are hunting.

Catches of large Amberjacks, Med Sea Snappers, Sea Basses, all scenes shot by a professional undewater cameraman and a second camcorder on the speargun in accessible spots of the Med Sea (Corse, Sardinia, Latium, Greece, etc) show how it's posible to achieve fully satisfactory catches even at reasonable depth.

About 55', available soon, DVD video and HD Blu Ray disk. Language: Italian. subtitles: Italian, English.

Since 2005, a collaboration was started between Totemsub and "Caccia e Pesca", thematic satelite channel, n. 235 of the Italian Sky bouquet, concerning the production of a very high number of spearfishing video documentaries. Our dedicated branch allows us to fulfill the requirement for a high volume of docuentaries, still mantaining the highest broadcast standard. The various series are focused on diferent aspects of our fantastic discipline.


Since 2005, all of the footage of our spearfishing documentaries is shot by a freediver cameraman following the spearfisherman. Of course, this choice is the most expensive, much more than simply fitting a cheap camcorder on a speargun barrel. Nonetheless, it's the only way to really describe the whole action, and not only what happens from mid-barrel on. This is very important if the video documentary is educational. It took us about three years of training to achieve a perfectly smooth action and a total harmony between spearfisherman and cameraman, but now the results are almost perfect. Since 2006, we have stepped up to High Definition Video. We expect to announce our first HD video documentary on Blu Ray disk soon.